Thursday, January 13, 2011

Twinter Wonders

We waited and waited...and finally it came...SNOW! We have been through most of our first, but seconds and thirds can be just as much fun. Last winter the boys were barely sitting as they were pulled around in their sled, this year they were off and running. First thing Dylan did was plop down flat on his back and looked up at me with his playful smile, while Ashton ran off and grabbed a shovel and began to attempt to shovel snow. All I could do, as any proud mama would, is look in awe. My babies have grown into toddlers, and before I know it they will be little men throwing snow balls and building snow forts just like big brother is doing, ugh and big brother will be *gulp* and man by then. You know the saying "time flies when you are having fun", well what the heck does time do when you have twins? It goes in double time, not much time to just soak up the moment before it passes. My boys are such polar opposites, Dylan fell, and wanted mama to hold him while he watched the other boys run and play, while Ashton ran circles around them older boys, went down the slide, and beat the snow off of mama's Suburban, and threw one heck of a fit when it was time for him to come in to warm up. Moments like these I never want to forget, no it wasn't their first time in the snow, but it was the most fun they had in it ever! So once again we are back to that same ole' phrase, "double the trouble, double the fun". Takes twice the time getting all bundled in that snow gear, and being a twin mom is hard, and that is no lie, but it also gives twice the amazement as I get to watch them discover and explore each and everything around them.
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