Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The double stroller of doom

Today, several of the Moms from my playgroup and I tried something new......
A Stroller Workout...and wow was it a WORKOUT!! It wore me and my legs out!!

I have really not made it a habit to exercise regularly since my twins were born other than some walking, and lately I have not walked as much as usual.

I have seen advertisements for all of the stroller fitness groups that you can join around town and they seem nice.

 However, they have a slightly high fee and the days/times they offer here did not work out for me. Not to mention, they meet too far away.

I have done many stroller fitness walks with my playgroup but I ended up not really loosing any weight, or toning up very much.  fail.

So I had this wild idea last week, what if I started my own Stroller Fitness group, within my playgroup....and I did!!

I went on youtube and started searching for instructional videos on how to do a stroller workout, oddly there are tons!

I also looked around at some stroller workout books on amazon.com. I did not buy any yet though.

I looked around online for any sort of stroller workout guideline but never found one.  I was looking in the wrong places though because a Mom in my group found one today and sent me the link!!  yay!!

I posted this Stroller Workout "playdate" on my playgroup calendar, and several of the Moms were quite keen on the idea!! So today we had our first Stroller Workout!  It went REALLY well!! We had to work out a few bugs and go back to review the youtube videos on an iPhone, but it worked!! We did it and WOW did we FEEL THE BURN!! Stroller workouts are pretty darn intense!!!

A local fitness instructor happened to be walking at the location we did our workout at, and she was really excited to see us doing a Stroller Workout. She praised us all for getting out there and making an effort to get in better shape. She was really impressed with what we were doing. It was nice to hear. She asked if we would contact her and let her feature us in a book she is writing currently. The Moms are all for it, so I will be emailing her here shortly.

I highly recommend trying your own Stroller Workout, even if you do not have a playgroup that you are in. Find a friend or neighbor!  If your children are too old for a stroller, get out your children's old stroller, throw a blanket over that sucker and get out there and DO IT!!

Here are a few of the videos we used!!

Do NOT underestimate the worth of these Stroller Workout videos. They provide one HECK of a MEGA-Workout! We did 3 sets of 15 reps each. My legs are still jello and worn out!!! I heard the same thing from other Moms who did the workout with us this morning! We plan to do this twice per week before a playdate.


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  1. Cool I have the red stroller but need a double jogging stroller. I would love to do a stroller strides class. It is great you started one! They should make hot mama stroller bumper stickers.