Friday, January 21, 2011

Featured M.O.M Lona Pangia 1/20/11

Name: Lona Pangia

Age 31

Marital Status married

Multiples names and age Lucia, Veronica & Carey Jones - turned 2 on January 2nd.
About you - I am a stay at home mom. I hold a license to close real estate mortgages. Prior to having children I was the scheduling secretary for a state senator and 2 state assemblyman. I not only was in charge of having their schedules in line for the day, but I also had to schedule, plan and create big events for the legislators.

About your Multiples - I have triplet fraternal girls through IVF. Its amazing to se them grow into 3 very different people. My oldest Veronica is very adventurous. She loves climbing, tumbling and throwing balls. Carey is the middle child, she is very shy and quiet. She loves flipping through books and playing with playdough. Lucia, my youngest, is a girly girl, very into hats and bows and loves mothering her stuffed toys and dolls.

About your family - My husband and I were married on January 1, 2005 and 4 years later we welcomes the triplets on Janaury 2, 2009. We live in Delran, NJ which is part of Burlington County, approximately 15 minutes from Philadelphia. My husband is a lobbyist in Trenton. Now as a family we enjoy day trips to the zoo or aquarium. This past December we brought the girls on a big vacation to Disney World and they were fabulous little angels on the flight and trip. We enjoyed it so much that I am secretly planning another trip (shhh dont tell Chris).

favorite items for multiples - Baby Items, I loved the Podee bottles. They were convenient for taking to the mall and feeding all the kids when I was by myself at home. It took a bit of time to get them use to using, but they were a must have in our household. - Strollers - I was a stroller fanatic, at one point I owned 14 strollers. My favorite by far was the Foundations quad. I was able to use the 4th seat for my handbag for quick and easy access to all babies needs. Second it had PLENTY of storage which was great to go get $100 worth of groceries at the store. With the canopies on top I could load a box of diapers and be ready to keep moving. We now tend to use the Step 2 Choo Choo wagon alot more. but wish I had bought the 4th cart for storage. And for Christmas we bought the Kettler trike with 2 tandems, so we are patiently waiting for spring so we can take it out for a spin.

favorite toys for multiples - The ball popper from Playskool. Because we never knew where the balls were going to roll to it became a great project for all 3 to keep them all busy.

advice for other moms of multiples - Have your list of go to excuses and comments for the multiple questions you will receive. I have an army list of excuses as to why I have triplets or why they aren't identical. Some of them can be cruel, but if you ask me a stupid question, expect a stupid reply.

Thank you for sharing, Lona! Your girls are so adorable!!


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