Sunday, January 30, 2011

Mommy, I see dead people!!!

 So last night was like any other night. I put Graham and Parker to bed for the night, Parker fell asleep first. Graham was playing with some stickers in his crib but was not yet asleep, when suddenly he stood up in his crib and was VERY UPSET.


A lady man, is a woman.  Graham calls men a man but he calls women a lady-man. He has been doing this for a year now.

Just a side note, my twins are 2.5 years old. They turn 3 in April.

So anyhow I said no Graham there is no one there, go to sleep. However, He was very persistant and was becoming more and more afraid. So I went over and unzipped the crib tent and took him out. He was grabbing onto me like crazy and was very upset. I asked him what lady-man and he kept pointing RIGHT THERE RIGHT THERE. I turned on some lights and told him everything was fine. I asked him, once the lights were on and if he felt better. He said NO, THERES A LADY-MAN! I sat with him for a few minutes and told him to just tell the lady-man to leave and go away. He said GO AWAY LADY-MAN GO AWAY LEAVE. So then I said to him, ok so is the lady-man gone and can you go back to bed? He said no. but...................

I started walking to his crib I went to put him in it and he went BERSERK!!  He started screaming and his eyes got all big and he looked so frightened. He screamed and screamed no no theres a lady-man. He would not let me put him in his crib. Imagine trying to put a resistant cat into a cat carrier so you can take the cat to the vet. 

By this point I was feeling the heebeejeebes. If ya know what I mean. So I played along some more and said ok Graham where is the lady-man. He said shes in the kitchen. Well I walked in there and immediately felt really strange. Like the hairs on the back of my neck must have been standing on end. I had this weird chilly-ish feeling.

OK so I took him to the master bedroom, woke up Daddy and told him to just lay there with Daddy.

So wow that was pretty freaky!

One of my friends suggested on facebook that it if there was a ghost. saying they exist.....that maybe it was my Aunt Verna who died on Friday morning.

So whatcha think, shall I call in the Ghost Whisperer?  hehe

OK yes I know that Jennifer Love Hewitt does not really see people into the light for a living.


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  1. First of all, my condolences to your and your family on your loss.... and Hmmmmmm... Totally wouldn't discard it a weird JUST yet.. lol.. Did he KNOW your aunt??

  2. very creepy. My son had some issues a few months ago with a "monster" in his window. He was very scared. Hard to say what it really is. Are kids more sensitive to these things, or is it just their little minds playing tricks on them? The best thing to do is what you did. Comfort him and not dismiss his feelings by leaving him alone.

  3. Thanks Lisa, he actually never met her or even saw photos of her.

    Debbie, I agree!

  4. I'd think that since it was Aaron's grandparent's house, it would more likely to be his grandmother than your Aunt Verna, but you never know. Maybe you can ask him to describe the lady man or maybe you can show pics of the people to him and see if he points out the lady man (without you asking is this the lady man). And I am thoroughly creeped out...where am I staying in a few weeks? Oh yeah, your house. Love you.