Friday, January 14, 2011

Featured M.O.M. Megan Johnson 1/14/11

Name: Megan Johnson

Age: 31

Marital Status: Married


Multiples: Makenna, Jaeli, Maysie 2.5 years old

About you: I am a stay at home mom to three beautiful girls and our newest addition, my handsome baby boy.

About your Multiples: Makenna, our fraternal, is definitely the boss, but the most shy around new people. She is "in trouble" the most, but she is the most affectionate. Jaeli (ID) is a loner, we often find her sitting in a corner reading a book to herself or her baby. She loves to be loved. She has the cutest smile and laugh. Maysie (ID) is our silly girl. She is always trying to make us laugh. She is also all drama!

Your Favorites for Multiples: Bottle props were a huge time saver when they were infants. Baby Einstein DVD's keep them occupied for an hour or so, so I can get some things done when needed.

Their favorites: Doll babies, stickers, song playing toys, puzzles and books.

Advice to others: Be very organized, stick to a schedule, don't be afraid to ask or get help, a support system is much needed, take many pictures because the time goes by very fast, and baby proof!

Some days I feel like I have quads. Our newest addition Jace is 18 months younger than the triplets, but catching up fast!

Thanks for sharing Megan, They are adorable!!!

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  1. Wow how cute are they! All the blond hair! Thanks for sharing :)