Friday, January 14, 2011

Fun fun fun at the Science Center!

Today we had a playdate at the Science Center, it was a lot of fun! They have something called Otronicon right now at The Orlando Science Center. They had tons of flat screen T.V.'s and video game systems on every single floor! So while we were there wr gamed!

Why not right?  When in Rome?  :)

We did all of the usual fun Science Center Stuff and played with the game systems in between. We had a few last minute cancellations with Playgroup members who were supposed to come today so it was just us and a friend with her 3 year old son.

Overall we had a great day except for a moment when I was a little annoyed when I ran into a local mom with Twins who snubbed me because I am not a member of gomott, the local Twins & Triplets club of Orlando. I had never met her before and she seemed half way friendly until she asked me if I was in gomott and I said no. Oh well, I can not be a member of that group because of this situation. It's not my fault so get over it people! Geesh!!

Maybe I should start snubbing Twin Moms who I meet in public who are not in my playgroup.  Nah.....I will just let them do all of the snubbing since they are so skilled at it. I happen to live in a state that is made up of mostly very unfriendly Moms of Multiples. It's unfortunate but there are a few very nice ones to make up for all of ther unfriendly snobby ones.

Anyway, we had a blast trying to figure out XBOX kinect and a few other cool game systems  they had there.

They had a lot of fun playing in the water table too... It is a good thing I took off their sweaters and let them play in their Tee Shirts, They got their Tee shirts super wet!!
All in good fun though. It is tough to play with water and not get wet, ya know?

Poor guys ended up with a slight red rash on their faces from some oil and vinegar on a subway sub. It seems like all of my kids have had issues over the years, especially in the toddler-preschooler years with condiments. Ketchup, salad dressings, mustard. They have no allergies to it but what of it gets on their faces causes a slight splotchy red rash. The good thing is that the rash normally clears within 2-3 hours and seems to cause them no discomfort. They must just have very sensitive skin.

We always have to play with the fossil dig...lots of fun! They love the Dinosaurs! The Dinosaur exhibit is their favorite part of the Orlando Science Center.

They have a blast at the Science Center, there is so much to play with!!

 Very serious gamer faces!!  haha!

We ended the day with some more fun back at one of the kids play areas!
Nap time was nearing so we received a few sarcastic faces and a bit of whining.

Unfortunately my friend bonked her head on the Train.. oww!
I accidentally took a pic right as she bonked her head! eek!
We <3 you Tera & Dylan!!



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