Monday, January 24, 2011

Got Twins? Got Triplets? or MORE??

Each month we have Multiples of the month and feature the Multiples of the months' photo on Life with Twins and Multiples!!

If you would like your Multiples to be the next Multiples of the month, reply and let us know!!

Then email us with their photo ASAP!!
You must include their names, age, and optionally location.

Email to

Our past Multiples of the Month


  1. My twins are 13 years old now! I know...sob...if you have a week thats slow and no new baby pictures I would love to send you
    (2) a then and now picture...and technically I am still sane (thats saying something with 5 kids)!

  2. wow look at the christmas ones I love their hats and monagram

  3. I love multiples! Though I had 3 singles, in 3 years - LOL

    Following from MOTF - please come see me!

  4. hmmm for some reason your e-mail addy doesn't go through from my PC.. I'll have to wait till tonight and do it through he Mac.. bwahahaha