Sunday, February 13, 2011

Attn: Mom, We are Big Boys now!!

My Twins will be three years old in April. The almost three year olds in them is really shining through lately.
I have noticed they are really on top of talking in full sentences, changing their preferences, & exerting their independence. They have been using phrases lately that show they are making changes and growing up some.
It is pretty strange seeing them turn into three year olds. I have three "singleton" children who are much older (almost 15, almost 11, and almost 13), and they were much different when they were two-going-on-three.

I know a kid is a kid. and all kids develop differently but I feel like things are much different with Graham and Parker than they were with my older three kids.I don't even know how to explain it. I think it is just that everything they are doing is amplified by 2.

My oldest daughter was 2 and a half when my second child was born. My second child is only 15 months older than my third child. So I have experienced having a baby and a two year old toddler. I have also experienced having a not quite one and a half year old and a baby. Both of these age groups together had challenges. Once my third child was born I had a newborn, a fifteen month old and a nearly four year old.

One of the most common phrases that a mother of Twins hears from another mother is a combination of one of these phrases.....

  • I have a baby and a toddler.... I know what it is like to have Twins.
  • I have a baby and a toddler.....It's harder than having Twins.
  • I have more than two children under age 4, that is much harder than Twins
  • I have more than two children under age four, that is just like having Twins or even Triplets.
Some combination of those phrases have been heard by most mothers of Twins. I know I have heard them on more than one Occasion. I know that most of  the mothers who are saying them usually do not try to start an argument or make light of the challenges they face as opposed to yours, but sometimes they do.

I enjoy cutting in on facebook posts that a Twin Mom is kind of in a light hearted debate with a Singleton Mom who is trying to make her believe that her job as a Mother of a baby and a toddler is so much harder than having Twins. I really enjoy cutting in and saying  " are wrong!!!  I have had a baby and a toddler TWICE and one of those times it included a PRESCHOOLER!! I have Twins now and IT IS VERY different than having a baby and a toddler. So TRY proving your case now!!!!"   It usually makes the other Twin Mom quite happy that I ended her argument for her with proven evidence that the Singleton Mom is dead wrong. I speak the truth though. I have been there and done that and lived it.

So, anyhow I have thought lately how having Twins who are almost three years old is much different than having my older three so close in age. I do think some aspects of parenting Twins at age three are a little easier than some other stages. One positive note is that they can both walk. I can walk with them and hold their hands. They can now tell me if they want or need something. Sometimes they can tell me what is wrong if they are not feeling well. They really enjoy being more independent. They keep asking me if they can use the toilet. I am not really trying to potty train right now, but when we are at home they often go and use the toilet.

They listen better at this age, and they are really getting to be great with the alphabet, numbers, some signing, speaking in sentences, mimicking, pretend play,  sharing, using manners, helping to clean up their toys, and many other little things.

The downfall to them becoming so independent is that I have to really make sure I am well rested and full of energy to keep up with them. They like to be a little more independent than they can handle at times. They get somewhat frustrated about not being able to walk with me through a parking lot without holding my hand. It is hard for them to understand that if we are walking through the park or from the car to the door is different than in a parking lot.  One of my Twins is really not mature enough to walk along with me without holding my hand but in certain places, I let them both. Usually it is just Graham who gets to walk with me without holding my hand. Parker tries to run off sometimes because he thinks it is fun to decided that suddenly I need to chase him.  He had two brain bleeds in the NICU at birth and a tonic clonic/grand mal seizure at almost age two. So he is maturing at a slightly slower rate than his Twin. 

They are very busy and like to be doing something engaging at all times. They enjoy playing independently and with each other but often want me or Dad, or an older sibling to be playing along too. They enjoy certain activities with certain family members. I take them to playdates usually five days a week. They are really enjoying making friends. They are getting really acquainted with their playgroup friends and talk about them a lot at home. They talk about going to playdates and asking about when they will see their friends next. They know some of their playmates Mommys by name. They are really enjoying the activities we do. They love to be busy. They still nap 3-4 hours once a day so it is really nice to get that break. They can really wear you out!!

It's a wild ride but I would not trade having Twins for anything!

I am in the process of planning their birthday party right now. Many decisions to make and then I have to get the invitations out!  I think it will be a lot of fun for them this year. They are always talking about party hats, birthday partys, and singing the happy birthday song!!


  1. My kids are 14, 13, 11, 8, 6 and 20 month old twins. I always throw my two cents into those convos too ;)