Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A Gift for a Grieving Mother's Day

Mother's Day is around the corner. I am a grieving mother, as are many out there. Mothers who have experienced the loss of a child (at any stage or age) may find Mother's Day an emotional day.

However, you can help these mothers realize that they still are mothers, and with a sweet token, you can help them remember the child that was lost. They will appreciate your kindness, recognizing that their babies were, in fact, babies, and that they are grieving.

Forget-Me-Not seed packet. Forget-Me-Nots are Perennials, which means they will come up year after year. This symbolizes that you will never forget the baby that was lost. Seeds can be found in just about any garden shop.

Locket. A locket is a great piece of jewelry for any grieving mother. She can put a picture, a lock of hair, ashes, etc. in it and always have her child close to her heart.

A Doll or Teddy Bear. A Doll or Teddy bear is often one of the first toys that a baby receives. You can find them in all shapes and sizesand at any toy store.

Poems. There are tons of poems that are available on the internet that can be used. Or you can write your own. Finding the perfect poem to say what you want may be a little harder, but I know if you just look you will find exactly what you are looking for.

Journals. A simple journal with a new pen would be wonderful for the grieving mother to have a place to put her feelings down. Often being able to write how you feel helps the mother to feel better.

Rose Quartz. This pink gemstone is believed to promote healing. Many different items can be found at My Forever Child.

Cards. Do not forget the card. You may have a hard time finding just the right card for a grieving mom. I would suggest in that case to purchase a blank card and write a special message in it.

With so many choices, I am certain you will find the perfect gift for a grieving mother on Mother's Day.



  1. I lost several babies in my quest to have a family. My 3 living children have softened the grief for me over the years, but I well remember the pain of holidays like Mother's Day -oh, the cruel irony of being a mother without a child! :*( And people around me not having a clue what to say or do to help me in my grief most of the time. God bless ALL the moms out there, those with their babies, and those without. {{{{Group Hugs}}}}

  2. Amanda,
    Great post..thanks for the reminders.

    (from Orlando Sunshine Mom's play group)

  3. Amanda,
    Great post...thanks for the reminders.

    Rachel (from N. Orlando Sunshine Moms play group)