Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Shining, TMMB Closing, & other stuff

It has been an interesting week.

I am in a ton of pain still from my stroller workout on Tuesday with Sunshine Moms.

Twins Magazine is closing their magazine, website, and message boards after 27 years of I asked them tonight if I can buy the message boards. I have a lot of friends that post there and they are all very sad about this.

The messages the many many many members are leaving on the message boards about it closing, are sad and overwhelming.  I really hope they have the heart to sell it to me *cheap*  I have made a little message board here on my blog for them all but it is not the same. In time it could be nice but why throw away a bag of apples if they are not ROTTEN yet??  I owned and operated for nearly 12 years and I know how to operate a vbulletin. Heck I know how to install a vbulletin and it's database as well as tweak them when they need, repair them when they need, etc.

It would be inconsiderate of them not to sell it, the members want it, so why delete it?

Anyways, on to other things.

Graham and Parker have been very very active this week...and having lots of fun. Parker has become attached to this toy called a weazel ball. He is in love with it and calls it squishy. Seriously, squishy.  *lol*

He carries it everywhere, even to playdates. Graham always wants to play with it. He says "share a minute, ok" but Parker says  "No, my squishy". I will have to get Graham one next week. I never thought I would need two weazel balls.

Honestly I bought it to torment my cats. Parker was frightened of it for the first week we had it. Now it is his best friend.

  Weasel ball, a face only a mother could love  *giggle*

Last night they dressed me up in Mr Potato head's hat and eye glasses. I am pretty sure I looked ridiculous. They tackled me though so,. I had no choice but to be their own Mrs Potato Head. They kind of do that a lot lately. They gang up on their older brother and sisters and sometimes can tackle them down to the ground.  all in good fun though.

They have been eerily saying the same things at the precise same times this week. It's weird. They are fraternal and look nothing alike.

We had to visit the pediatrician today because we thought Graham had pink eye, it turns out he does not and it was just something irritated his eye and caused it to get pinkish and swollen up some. It turns out he has some allergy issues and has to take some OTC allergy stuff for a few days. Poor guy.  He has some allergy issues also with our Christmas Tree so I had to give our Christmas Tree the boot was time for it to go anyways.

So when we were leaving the Pediatricians office, I ask them to say Thank you...

They both said it in sync. The doctor was a little spooked and said...Oh.... in stereo wow.


Oh and this week they have been oddly appearing in the photos I those twins in The Shining.  Seriously...

Notice how they just sort of appear oddly in each pic... almost like they are observing everyone..  hahahahahah  :P

I love having Twins, what a trip!

                                                    The Shining Twins
                                       doo doo do doo doo do doo dooo
                                See them standing there over on the right, lmao

Here is a cute one of them playing at the park!

It was a really lovely day so we had some choo choo wagon fun :)

and to wrap it up..... I made chicken pot pies again!! So easy! YUMYUM!!


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