Sunday, January 30, 2011

It was warm outside today, so we got WET!

I went outside the morning to take out the dog, and realized hey' it's pretty warm out today! So while I was out there I filled out the water table. I did not get the kiddie pools out just yet but it was so nice today I figured the water table could not hurt!

They had a lot of fun! I was not in the mood to go all out so I just left the bounce house deflated today. Still much fun was had!

Water table! We have missed you!

fun in the sand box

bubbles, bubbles, everywhere!

ooh bubbles


bubbles and splashing!

fishing and blue skies

more sandbox and a visit from our dog!

this is what happens when you put sand in the water table 

bounce, bounce, bounce, STATIC!

LOOK at that HAIR!

more bubbles on the trampoline!


  1. wow, you have an amazingly kid fun back yard!

  2. Thank you they really enjoy it! They enjoy having their playgroup friends over to enjoy it too!!