Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Do they make an Anchor for Toddlers??

Ya know how if you are out on a boat, there is no dock nearby.....

You decide you want to dock the boat to have some lunch or go fishing, but what do you do if there are no docks and you are out in the middle of the lake?
You drop your anchor. Once you drop your anchor, your boat will stay put.

What if you are a Mom of Toddler Twins, Triplets, or more and you have a "runner"?
A "runner" is a toddler who takes off and thinks it is utterly hilarious. You yell for them to STOP but they keep on running and thinking it is utterly hilarious. For some reason they have it in their head that it is SUDDENLY a great idea to make Mommy chase them.....ohhhhh about.... RIGHT NOW!!!!! Ya know when RIGHT NOW is. right?
It is when you are.....
Sitting on the floor in the Gymboree lobby trying to put your shoes on and put your Twins coats, shoes and socks back on. Let's not forget you have no shoes on and you are in the middle of putting one of your Twins shoes on. When SUDDENLY the other Twin.....The "runner" gets up and shoots like a rocket out of the front door of Gymboree....Out into the PARKING LOT. WTF!!!!!

I am not even sure WTF even covers this type of situation, it is more like an OMGWTFBBQ. Let's just say it is not a fun situation to be in.

SO, like every time your "runner" shoots out some door or across the lawn like a get up and run after him at warp speed. Realizing the other Twin is sitting inside Gymboree looking dumbfounded like "WTF is wrong with my TWIN"? (but he is sitting there, like a good boy....waiting)

but he KEEPS ON RUNNING til he is in the parking lot and you finally catch up and grab him.  *GEESH*

Then you pick him up, walk calmly back into Gymboree. Sit him on the floor and continue to put he and his Twins shoes, socks, and coats back on. Then your shoes and go on your merry way to the car.

I don't know if all Twin moms or Moms of higher order multiples have a runner but my Twins were born 8 weeks early. I had pre-eclampsia. Ended up in the hospital and then My "runner" Twins' heart rate dropped to 60 and then they took me in for a c-section.

He had 2 low grade brain bleeds that stopped and he was cleared as ok. They spent a month in the NICU...but then at not quite age 2, he had a big nasty seizure.
None since, and he has not been recommended for Therapy or anything.

He does not listen, he does not follow instructions, he is super immature compared to his Twin but he is deemed..on track, and just fine by doctors.

So in those instances when he takes off running I think...they really need to make an anchor for "runner" toddlers. That way they can be there with you but anchored and can not take off to put themselves into danger...or make you chase them.

I realize that is a pretty far fetched idea but it is a funny thought huh!


  1. Hahah, I kind of think when we reach that stage I'll just bring back balls and chains ;)

  2. So true!!! I have a couple of track stars myself. Love the story!