Saturday, December 4, 2010

Something AWESOME that YOU could win!!!

Remember this blog post from yesterday? Well at the very bottom I said.... stay tuned for a REALLY really cool update about a product I happened to find online that is custom made for the choo choo wagon!!!! 

So here it is!!!  Check out what is on the back of our choo choo wagon!!

Wait, I know what you are thinking...uhh what is it??  What am I looking at?  Right??

OK here is a closer view!!

YES, we're TWINS!!!!!
  •  Yes it IS awesome
  • YES, it is a bumper sticker
  • Yes, it answers that question we always get asked
  • YES, they have them for all multiples
  • YES, you can get one too!!!!
  • Yes, we will be giving one away for Triplets!
  • Yes we will be giving one away for Twins!

The ORIGINAL Wagon Bumper Sticker is now available in versions for--TWINS, TRIPLETS, QUADS, QUINTS and more :)

                                               3 designs to choose from!  
                                               (Heart, Peace, Smiley),

 Exclusively from Petal Patch Baby!

To buy one directly from Petal Patch Baby, contact Jen at;
Although PPB will be closed on December 5th until the new year,

She is still open right now and until 8pm est.

 Here are some cute examples of the bumper sticker in use:

So...........  I guess you want to know how you could win one from

OK Here is how YOU can win one!!!

We have one to give away for Twins and one for Triplets!
Both with the Smiley face design. The contest starts NOW!

Complete ALL of the following tasks!
Winner will be chosen on December 18th 2010

Special Thanks to Jen @ PPB



  1. I would love to get my hands on a "Yes we're triplets" :) Bumber sticker!! I have the choo choo, now I just need a license plate ;)

  2. I would love a yes we're twins. i dont have a wagon yet but plan on getting them one in may and this would be super cute on it :)

  3. Oh, I would love to win as I never win anything. I would really like the bumper sticker for TWINS with a HEART on it.

    Thanks for this contest....

  4. I would LOVE, Love, LOVE, the triplets bumper sticker...It would really save me some answers daily!!

    I would love to be lucky enough to win the choo-choo as we had one when the triplets were very small but we had to tie a rope around one as a seat belt because it was handed down through our Multiples club and we were about the 5th family to get it.

    Although our triplets are probably a bit too old for it now, just turned 3, the club needs a new one for the tradition...

    Thanks for putting this together...too much fun...AMD

  5. Love to get the triplet one. Don't have a choochoo. decided my kids were too big now, but could put it on our van (not that it would stop the stupid questions!)

  6. I would love to win the
    "Yes we're triplets" Bumper Stick!!! We just got our Choo Choo Wagon about 2 weeks ago! My Boys LOVE it:)

  7. Would love the TWINS one so that I could STOP getting the question, "Are they twins". LOL! I know we have ALL been there!

  8. I would love the "triplets" one. We get so, so, so many comments like "are they all yours?", "are they triplets?", "are they all boys?" (even when Sarah has a giant pink hairbow on), & once even "are they real babies?". Some idiot thought we were strolling around Walmart with our $500 stroller full of baby dolls! We just bought the choo choo wagon to give the triplets for Christmas. The bumper sticker would be the perfect addition!

  9. Our twins just turned 7 months and celebrated their first Hanukah! Their grandparents gave them the choo choo wagon. We can't wait to use it and would love to add some bumper sticker bling!

  10. I would love to win a "Yes we are TWINS" bumper sticker so that my chaos filled day can get just a little easier! I hate answering the same question over and over again.

  11. I would like the "Yes we're Twins!" sticker. I have 2 year old girls who LOVE their wagon we go for walks all the time and this sticker would be so perfect :)

  12. Hi. I love to get a twins bumper sticker for my boys!

  13. I would love to win a "Yes, we're TWINS!" sticker. I have a double choo-choo, and really will need to order us one with FIVE seats after the twins arrive! Love the blog and the pics especially!

  14. I would love a Twins bumper sticker! Even though they are opposite sexes and we dress them in pink and blue, we are asked the basic, "are they twins" and then once in a while we get "oh, you have twin boys!" Really. The sticker would save us so much time when we go out. It would save us from having the same discussion 5 times before leaving Target.