Thursday, February 18, 2010


Graham and Parker are really into books lately. They like to look through them and talk about the pictures. They also like to make animal sounds too! They bring me books to read them quite often too! I think they will probably end up being really good readers. yay boys!

One of their favorite books is a book called Rusty's bone. They received it from their grandma after they were born. They love this book so much that it has fallen apart twice.

I feel so bad that their favorite book has fallen apart yet again, so I ordered a new copy.

Rusty's Bone is an "usborne" book title. I really have never known very much aboout usborne books but now I think I am interested.
I looked over their website and found a lot of cute toddler book titles on

I am considering having a "book party" with one of their local reps. I might even sign up to be an usborne rep. if it seems like something that would work out for me.

I had to order a few more books to get the free shipping on amazon, so I got a few more titles from that Rusty's Bone series (Curly's Friends and Wollys Walk) and one about a Panda in the Park. I think Graham and Parker will really enjoy them.

I found another usborne title in our house today too.. "That's not my bunny" I am going to read it to them later on this evening.

here are some pics of the books!