Saturday, May 2, 2009

We are ONE!

Graham and Parker turned ONE on April 21st. We had their party on April 18th at a local park. We had been buying them birthday gifts for a couple of months before their birthday, and gave them a few the week before they turned one as well. We gave them ride on toys on their actual birthday.


Graham Rune (birth-- height 17 1/2 inches, weight 4lbs 1 oz) (One year-- height 30 1/4 inches, weight 20 lbs)

Parker Ryan (birth-- height 16 inches, weight 3lbs 7 oz) (One year-- height 29 inches, weight 17 lbs 9 oz)

The Birthday
We never got to light the candles. Parker grabbed his cake before it hit the tray and started smooshing it up. Graham started smashing his, he then started slapping it!! I mean REALLY slapping it. He beat the daylights out of his cake, everyone was hysterically laughing.
So we removed the candles from both cakes and let them go to town, will light them on their birthday Tuesday.

They had a pre-birthday mini party lasy saturday at Aaron's Mom's house. His grandma made carrot cake. They did not mess with it too much but they went wild with the cakes today.

Due to the fact they barely touched the other cakes last saturday, I decided against vegan cakes for them. They did not really eat anything at all. They each took like one little nibble and smooshed them the rest of the time.

I let my older 3 kids bring friends but my oldest, Haley (13)..her friend could not make it. My son, Cameron (10) had one friend come. My daughter, Mackenna (9) had two friends come.

Graham & Parker's best friend from their playgroup, Zane came with his parents and his 13 year old cousin. My friends Jaime and Eduardo were there as well as my mom and her best friend Benay. My husband's father and his wife came as well as her mother and step-father and all her sisters were there.

We held the party at our favorite park. It has gated playgrounds and astroturf(fake grass).

It is hard to see their shirts, I will take more pics later but they both have a One on them. I got them from a store online it is just a one with a circle around it. They looked really cute and I just wore some comfy carters pants on them with their soft shoes. I don't ever wear normal shoes on them, the ones they have are supposed to work for outdoor shoes too and they love them!

long time no blog

I think it is time for an update. Maybe we will get this blog rolling this month.
We have been buying and playing with lots of groovy baby toys and products.. so stay tuned for more.

Now to try and fix this thing up and get a title picture up there.

*time to figure this blog thing all out, we are used to livejournal*