Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Toy Organizer

Beck International Children's Wooden Toy Bin Organizer with Assorted Sized Pastel Bins

So far I really like this toy organizer but Graham and Parker like to just dump out all the toys.

It is very sturdy, they can not get hurt on it. They were not doing well with the traditional wood organizers with the dowel rods and the plastic pull out bins.

The canvas toy bins hold a lot of little toys but they just like to dumb them out completely.


It would be really sweet if they could just take out a few toys at a time. I suppose 20 months old is too young to expect them to only take out a few toys at a time.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Parker's seizure....

I hope this to be the last time Parker has a seizure but today was his first.
Everything was fine, nothing out of the ordinary. He went down for a nap, so did Graham.

he fussed a little bit in the midst of napping..nothing out of the ordinary.

All was quiet and fine then BAM I hear the craziest noise.

It sounded like we were having an earthquake in our house.
I turn around quickly to find Parker seizing in his swing. He still prefers to do most of his sleeping in his baby swing. They both had terrible reflux..he is kind of addicted to the swing now though..

Anyhow... He is laying back in his swing. he had his eyes wide open but looking straight ahead as if in a trance.. the swing is VIOLENTLY shaking...I call his name I start screaming his name.. he is STILL violently shaking.

I unstrap him, pick him up... he is STILL shaking.

Stiff and unresponsive but eyes open he continues to shake. From start to end was less than 2 minutes. Then he slowed to a shiver type shake.. almost as if he was REALLY cold...this lasted about 5 minutes.

It was not cold in the house and he was very properly dressed. I took his was normal.

not temp.

Then he was scared, fussy, crying a lot, would not eat or drink and wanted to be passed from family member to family member... We talked to the Pediatricians office... we went to Arnold Palmer Hospital.

Parker was checked over really well. he had an EKG and they took a blood sample to check his sugar levels. They checked his heart murmur,... it seemed not to be there anymore.. it was considered a 1 on the scale of heart murmurs anyways.
They could not find anything wrong with him now.

He really loved the EKG stickers..they let him keep them and he had me put them on his belly 4 more times after the EKG was all over and the nurse had left the room. :)

All came back normal. Monday he has to go to his Pediatrician and then get referred out for an EEG and MRI.

Hope this never happens again. The seizure is currently a mystery.