Friday, February 20, 2009

bath time relief

They finally had their 1st bath together!

So....Finally we have a baby bath tub I LOVE and they do too! I had the Fisher Price aquarium tub for them but hated how the design was. They never have fit into it right and every bath was awkward. I was so frustrated with that tub. I finally said forget it after many months of trying to make it work and hoped that when they got bigger they would fit in it better. Well there is no way around the fact that it was hard, uncomfortable, and the seat part was really awful. When they were out of the NICU at a month old and I have them their first baths at home they would slide over the hump and their little backs would end up leaning on the hump so I was constantly sliding them back up which made their heads sit in a weird and very uncomfortable looking position.Ugh I hate that bath tub and I really should have just said forget it a long time ago.

Anyways this is what I just bought and I am so so so happy with it and so are they. Bath time is fun and stress free for me now.

I bought them these toys to play with in there too, although they really just like to splash right now still.

Right now for us bath time is more associated with some splashing, getting cleaned and getting out of there. They do not spend too much time in the tub. I was always afraid they would get too cold.

I might start keeping them in a lil longer from now on though. I can not even tell you how happy it makes me every time I go into our bathroom and see the tub sitting in our shower. I prop it up against the wall and it has suction cups on the little flap at the top to keep it secure on a wall or on the bottom of the tub or shower.

The Miracle Blanket

The very best investment my husband and I made was to buy four miracle blankets before our twins were born and they have come to the rescue for us. They really are very serious when they call it a miracle blanket. If used properly this blanket can bring you and your babies endless nights of sleeping joy. They not only calm your baby when fussy and make them feel secure but help them to sleep better, more soundly, and longer.We bought four of them because we have twins and when one set is dirty we have the other set to use.I have tried other brands of swaddling blankets and was not as happy with them. I just can not say enough good things about miracle blankets.The only thing I would say they could do to improve is make more color options, maybe some cute patterns and larger sizes for larger babies.
They are a good size but I could see them not working too long for a baby that was a 10 pound baby at birth.We swaddled one of our twins with the miracle blankets until 6 months of age. At 8 months our smaller twin still prefers to be swaddled. He fusses if we do not swaddle him for his naps and at bedtime. The moment he gets swaddle he is instantly happy and ready to sleep. If you follow the instructions properly and do understand that at first they will resist just a little but as newborns and it may take you two or three times each time you swaddle them to get it right and get them calm, you will really get great use of thhe miracle blankets. Our twins really have enjoyed the secure feeling the miracle blankets bring them when they sleep.

There is a video available of how to swaddle with a miracle blanket at theit website. Baby wraps, baby accessory, colic, infant sleep, remedies, infant health, crying babyThe difference between miracle blankets and other blankets is that the miracle blanket has a set of internal flaps to swaddle the babies arms with, a built in pouch for the lower half of the babies body and a smaller internal flap that goes over the arm flaps to keep them secure as well as the longer flap that wraps around the babies vody for a perfect and comfortable swaddle.

Fisher Price Rainforest Jumperoo insiders view

Fisher Price Rainforest Jumperoo Cute but not perfect.

I purchased the Rainforest Jumperoo for my twins. and it is a pretty nice product. My twins enjoy it when they play in it but there are a few faults to this product.First off there is absolutely no padding in the seat. The baby will have their tummy against hard, lumpy, edgy plastic. We solved this issue by padding around the entire seat with some nice receiving blankets to avoid any pain or injury that could be caused by leaning and bouncing in the seat while playing in the Jumperoo.The toys on the Jumperoo are rather cute and entertaining but there seems to be too much empty space that could have been used for another toy or two on the Jumperoo. I doubt anyone would want to use the part that appears to be a little snack tray. I don't think it would be wise to let you baby snack while jumping or bouncing wildly as they do in the Jumperoo.The peek-a-boo tiger is a bit lacking in the sense of it could be a little more dramatic and entertaining. A growly but cute lion sound would help. It also needs to pop up higher and sit lower while not being popped up. Nice concept but not quite there.The insect chew toy hangs down off the side of the Jumperoo too far and is often challenging for a baby to grab on and pull it up to play with it. I think maybe something that sticks up but can be pulled in to gnaw on would be a better idea.This Jumperoo is a cute and fun toy however it could be improved.However it does provide enjoyable bouncing fun for baby!

Galt Playnest & Gym

Galt Playnest & Gym

Age Range: birth-toddler and beyond

Price Range: $75-$85

Product Description:

A soft supporting multi-sensory environment for baby, Playnest features a fun farm scene with the gym as the sky above. The five gym toys are different on each side to give varied colours and patterns to provide visual stimulation and may be rearranged on the colourful links to create a changing environment. A guide gives suggestions on how to use the Playnest and gym for play activities which stimulate development. The Playnest cover, sky frame cover and soft toys are all machine washable.

My Description:

The Galt Playnest & Gym is a really neat toy, The first time I saw it was when I was browsing the One Step Ahead website. I thought my twins would really like it so I purchased it that same week. So far so good. They were not able to enjoy it quite as much at first when they were newborns but they started enjoying it right away anytime we would put them in the playnest. We have found that stuffing a Boppy pillow inside the playnest provided ample support and comfort for them to play. They love looking at all the lovely bright colored dangling toys and espeically the sun that hangs down from the top of the gym.ImperfectionsI noticed right away that the gym part of the playnest & gym was not as stable as it could be. It was one of the most difficult toys I have ever assembled in my lifetime of being a parent for 13 years. The gym consists of plastic tubes and a plastic connecting tube for the top. The legs of the gym have two tubes that you have to push together and then you have to push the tubes all into the connecting tube at the top of the gym. This is not an easy feat. It not only is nearly impossible and very frustrating to accomplish but you end up hurting your fingers as well. In order to assemble the gym you really need at least one more person to assist you. The plastic tubing and connecting tube do not give way very easily, which is needed in order for it all to connect and create your gym. Let me take time out to say the playnest part of the playnest and gym is very simple and easy to assemble. You simply insert the plastic blow up ring into the nest and once it is in place you can then use an air pump to blow up the ring, fasten it and then close up the playnest.Once you assemble the playnest and the gym you will have to be very careful because the playnest will constantly pop apart. Eventually you will work the plastic in enough for it to stay in place for the most part.It never did fall on my twins, it only would pop out of its place on parts and bow to the side instead of all sitting up straight and even pn all sides.Don't get me wrong we really love this toy but GALT needs to work harder to make the gym part easier to assemble and make it so it stays put!Fun & PlayThe Playnest and Gym can be really fun for your baby. It is best I believe for a baby if you put a Boppy inside it until they are older and can sit unsupported. They can then sit in the playnest and play with their toys.Once your baby starts to tug and pull on the dangling toys that hang from the gym it is best to remove the gym part and let them play with the dangling toys while sitting inside the playnest.When your child gets older the playnest can be used for a unique lounge chair to lay back in and rest while watching tv, reading a book, or just to relax in, indoors and outdoors. It can also double as a really nice toy box as well!In all I think it is a great toy with lovely bright vivid colors and can last well beyond the baby and toddler years if you use your imagination.We keep the playnest in our play area!

Alphabet/Numbers Foam Mat

OK so as much as I like the standard alphabet and numbers foam mats for serving their purpose of a safe place for babies to crawl, they just are a huge pain in the rump.For one they do not always fit into each other and I hear, although my twins do not do this... a lot of moms have issues with them coming up easily and catching their babies chewing on the foam pieces. YUCK! Also they are NOT that thick. They bubble up and get these parts where it is all poofed up and coming apart from them sliding when you walk or crawl across them.I was constantly reshaping the foam mat we have, we have 2 sets of them because we have ours boxed in by 2 superyard XT play yards to make a nice play area. I tried them with and without the edges/borders. Every time one of us gets in there we had to be ultra careful not to scooch around or the foam mat would get all messed up. So I was having to take out all the toys and redo the mat at least 2 times per week. Let me just tell you how annoying that was.I also did not think it was enough padding when they topple over while sitting, crawling, trying to stand etc. It really was not at all.
SO a while back I saw a set of the alphabet/numbers/shapes floor mats at I pondered what the difference in them and the ones I had would be. Well after careful through, research, and consideration I said OK and bought them. I bought 2 sets of the alphabet plus a set of the shapes. I plan to go back and buy a set of the numbers as well in the near future. HOLY cow they ROCK!!!!! They are SO THICK!! They are very sturdy, you can feel the difference and see the difference right off the bat. The colors are way more vibrant and the quality is 10x what the other ones are. Plus they ARE recommended for birth and up where as the other ones are for 3 years and up.They seriously are not kidding at one step ahead when they say it is the most thickest foam mat you can get. It is amazing. So much cushion and padding. So very durable for walking, scooching, and crawling on. I am 100% satisfied with this mat and we just got them this week!!I highly recommend getting them!I use another set of foam mats under our jumperoos for nice padding on their feet as well, the old kind. I think I may just upgrade there too and get a set of the ones from one step ahead to go under our jumperoos as well. The One Step Ahead foam mats
The other ones I was Alphabet 'N Number Foam Puzzle PlayMat: Toys & GamesI put the 2 sets I had in my twins play area into my 10 year old son's room. He has wood floors in his room and it echoes in there so much. Now my daughters want a set for their room. lol