Wednesday, June 17, 2009

water table

I decided to get G & P a water table, it looks like fun. I ordered it off amazon..with the free shipping. So it should be here in a couple of weeks.
Now to decide where to set it up outside. I don't know if I want it on the screen porch or out in the yard.

I am looking into some new ideas for table foods for them to eat. They are doing much better these days with all that. We barely use the jarred food now at all. Mostly just the earths best #3 spaghetti and cheese. They love it! I don't want to give them anything that would be too harsh on their tummys since they have some issues with some foods still.

I am undecided on what I think of Jon & Kate plus 8 lately. I still think the Duggars are a great family and really seem to have it all worked out so well. Their family seems to run like a finely tuned and well oiled machine. I am amazed at how well their children all behave and how happy they all are, despite how large the family is. I notice that Michelle really has the older girls carrying Johanna & Jordyn. I see her carry Jordyn when she is nursing her with the my brestfriend strap on pillow.. which I would have loved to have known it existed when I was trying to work out breastfeeding with the twins. Wow that thing looks awesome! However.. it looks like Michelle is usually hands free. I wonder if she has the same or similar back problems that I do and limits her lifting and carrying as a result.

Back to Jon & Kate. OK I am starting to think all the scandalous behavior is all fake and for publicity. Seriously I know Kate has her quirks and is a tad bit abrasive at times but come on.. they live in a fantastic million dollar home on a huge lot.. have 8 awesome kids.. two sets of multiples, wonderful clothes, toys, furniture, lots of lovely food to eat, great vacations, and all kinds of stuff to keep them happy and busy as well as items to make their lives easier and more conveniant... how can they be so unhappy? NO WAY!! With the octomom, the Hayes family, and that new family with sextuplets... the blonde mom who is paper thin... they live in Arizone (raising sextuplets I think the show is called) They have some serious competition!! They desperately need ratings and what better way to get them.. SCANDELOUS behavior and uber tabloid exposure! They can not be so unhappy. OK on the 1st epi of the new season they seemed SO SAD, but by the 2nd epi.. they did not seem so glum. Just a lil distant.. enough to make it look good.

I bet their bottom dollar that they are doing this all to keep up their ratings. I can not be the first oen to say that season 4 got a lil BORING! It was like.. um ok.. wow they went there and they did this. For some reason seasons 1,2, and 3 seemed a lil more gripping. I found myself skimming through season 4 and barely paying attention most of the time. Then BAM.. scandal city and now season 5 seems just a lil bit more exciting.

I know that they have to have some marital issues but I don't buy that it is as bad as they are letting on. The cheating, the boozing, the distance, Jon living in the garage.. I don't think it is all true. I think they are just making it look like it is for the ratings and to keep the publics interest.

We will see.

On to the Hayes family. OK I am sorry but this show is not very exciting to watch. I am not sure what it is about them but I find myself not too thrilled to watch the show. I really hope they perk it up some. I want to see more personality with them and more oomoph, more about how they tick.

The Raising sextuplets show on WE could be interesting... ok here is the link..

I am unsure about this one.. they kind of lack enthusiasm. I have only watched one episode so far though.. will have to get back about this one once I watch more.

I am currently in pain he** with my back and left leg. The doctor seems to think it is due to carrying both twins at once 2-4 times daily to go to and from the van. I have visitied the doctor twice and the chiropractor twice. I have been on all kinds of meds and pain meds and nothing stops the pain. I do hope this ends soon. It is so hard to go from moment to moment let alone day to day in this much pain.

OK nap is over... let the good times roll.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Just a few pics

The 1st two photos are from their 1st birthday party and rest are from when they were wee lil ones.

a few days at the beach

We stayed in a condo at Satellite beach for a few days. Graham and Parker got to go swimming for the first time. They loved their floats!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Where do twin moms go?

I used to post at Twins Magazine Message Board but it got to be really frustrating, annoying, and drama-filled. I just found that too many of the moms there were difficult to get along with. I attempted to go to Twinstuff but when I realized they have so many bizarre rules and policies..I had to leave. That was a mess and a half. I was only there about an hour before I discovered it was NOT the place for me. I belong to Mom of Multiples..a social networking multiples website but it is pretty desolate there. No one really posts, logs in, or interacts there. I have been using facebook and a few friends I have made along the way are on my friends lists but I would like more moms of multiples interaction. I am on one or two more groups for M.O.M but they seem pretty slow too.


aren't we cute?

I never know what to blog about. I think maybe I will try and do a pic of the day and maybe it will inspire me to blog more. I meant for this to be all about all the toys they have and reviews on the toys but sometimes I do not feel like doing toy reviews..ya know.

This was taken 1 week ago at a nearby park.