Sunday, July 3, 2011

This Blog has changed.....

I have decided after much thought and time away that I would much rather turn this blog into my own personal blog. However I still want to have blogger guests, so I will!!

I hope my readers will still enjoy this blog as much as before, if not more!

My Twins have really blossomed into three year olds and every day is a fun and exciting challenge. They have become very amusing little comedians and are full of personality!

We have been enjoying the usual fun playdates and visits to places like the zoo, Science Center, parks, etc.
On top of that we took a trip to the Science Center one day with Grandpa. Cameron and Mackenna have been attending a really fun Summer Camp that goes from 7 am til 6pm M-F, We have been having the kona ice shaved ice truck coming to our playdates once a week, We attended a Gymboree art class as well as our regular Gymboree class, We went for frozen yogurt with friends at Menchies,  We have had friends over for playdates and swimming in the yard, Oh and not to forget, our home preschool group meets once a week!


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