Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Salute Your Shorts

Today one of my Twins, Parker......saluted the flag in a very different way. As you see he is wearing patriotic colors. He was having a great time playing at the Orlando Science Center when his pants fell down.  oops!  I accidentally caught this little accident on camera when I was taking a wide angle shot of my twins playing in the water.  I think it is pretty amusing. Plus he had no idea his pants came down. They had a great time playing though!! The kids had a fun time playing at the Orlando Science Center's 4th of July Celebration. It rained pretty badly for a few hours this evening, so I am kind of glad we scratched our outdoor plans at the last minute. I imagine we would have 5 wet kids, one wet stroller and a lot of glum faces if we had gone ahead with the outdoor 4th of July Festival I had planned for us to attend.  I am sure by the end of the night we would have seen some nice fireworks but it may have been a hard road getting there.  We felt, at times like we had the whole Science Center to ourselves. There were people there but not too many. We did not see many great fireworks though. The view from their rooftop terrace was lovely but the fireworks were too low at times to see and too far away. The kids did get to have some fun though and in the a/c with no mosquitoes!  score!   

Graham with one of the patriotic pinwheels OSC gave the kids. ;)

Graham, Parker, and older bother Cameron in a flight simulator.

Graham and Parker playing in the water area in kidstown at OSC.

Loving the waterfalls and boats!

older sis, Mackenna posing in her patriotic korker bows!

It was a lil muggy outside on the rooftop terrace.

ok... a LOT muggy

Having fun with friend, Dylan.  Sitting in his lap and being silly.

umm guys, Dylan is not loving this right now...   lol

Graham in Dylan's lap/ He is tall but only 6 months older than they are!!

Parker in Dylan's lap!  cute!!


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