Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Chores/Rewards/Discipline System

This week I devised a new chores/rewards/discipline system and so far it is going REALLY well!! I used the chore cards and some of the other parts of the system on  www.confessionsofahomeschooler.com It is really great! I did not use her full system though. Instead of having it in a wall hanging, I am using 3 round gladware containers, a set of standard poker chips, and 3 standard sandwich bags.  Oh and duct tape to enforce the bags. Each color of poker chip is worth a different amount, each chore card has a point value on it. I have several of chore cards that are made from the blank chore cards from that same website too. So far it is working well. They can earn a lot of things from a trip to get ice cream to a dinner at the restaurant of their choice...and there are more options too. Oh and the biggest bonus you can get is a trip to a theme park, since we live near several. If the kids do something bad they get disciplined by docking their tokens(poker chips)  I bought the poker chips from wal-mart for less than $8. They are really nice ones too!! I wrote their value on them with sharpie marker. Basically I wrapped each bottom and side with duct tape to enforce the bag and make it more of a sturdy "bank" bag.. The tokens (poker chips) get heavy if more than a few are in the bag. If the bag is accessed a lot, it will become weak and fall apart eventually. With the duct tape, it becomes a long lasting bag! I am using Confessions of a homeschooler's chore cards and discipline cards for chores. I have them all at a VERY fair face value to earn tokens for all of them. She assigns certain chores as discipline, I don't. All chores are chores with a value. My discipline is docking tokens.  Each offense has a certain docking amount. I have a chart to show which offense gets how much taken away. It is very fair. I also have special tickets. They are worth special bonuses or special bonus privileges. The tickets are from the chore card set. Each ticket is for a special thing and has a face value. I hope this continues to work out well for us! Past systems have flopped very early on.  This system is only for the older three kids. Twins will not participate until they are older.


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