Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Graham and Parker's Backyard Play area

Just some random pics from my 3 year old Twins playing in their outdoor play area today. The tampoline is out of commission right now until the new net arrives in the mail.  The old one wore out and ripped.  The toys are ones I have accumulated over the 15 years of having kids. Many of them re purposed from inside, or from my older kids.  Some were gifts given to Graham and Parker from birth til now. It's nice and relaxing out there in this nice subtle weather. It has seemed a bit cooler and not as sweltering hot lately! So nice!!

The yard may look ghetto to some or too busy, but it serves a great purpose for fun and entertainment for My Twins, their Friends, Playdates, Home Preschooling, Our Home Preschool Group, etc.   My older kids are not much for backyard play these days but do enjoy the trampoline and playing with Graham and Parker too. I plan to use the older looking blue water table for more Preschool friendly Science Experiments and other fun exploratory activities that are great for 3-4 year olds!! I have seen a lot of awesome ideas on the Play at Home Mom Blog ! I am going to use the blue water table for a lot of the things they do with their "sink" tables on this page. I can also dump the sand out of our sand & water table into the sandbox and use the sand & water table for that purpose if needed as well! It has a drain plug like the table they use on that blog!!  So fa in the past we have done the Lava Lamp and Volcano Science Experiments. They had a great time!!  I plan to do one I found that involves ice soon!!


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