Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Black Light Fun and More! ;)

I decided to pull out my old black light for Graham and Parker to have some fun, which by the way the black light still worked!  They had a lot of fun!!  I plan to do more activities with them too. I was inspired by the Play at Home Mom Blog. They have lots of fun ideas on that blog!
I also changed around the yard and indoor play area quite a bit, and made a "school/learning" area.  They are having a blast!!  Lately I have been letting them do some of the worksheets from the preschool program I purchased in earlier this year from kidsparkz. Plus a few from their website. They have really enjoyed them!

I am not enforcing "bookwork" but I am letting them do the fun stuff. They enjoy pasting pictures onto alike pictures on a page with glue sticks. I did have to switch to the while glue sticks rather than the ones that go on purple and dry clear.  Parker was way too distracted by the purple.

 We are taking a break from our playgroup and playdates for now. Just to work on some learning at home. I was going to leave the playgroup at the end of the year but I think maybe the better idea will be to attend less playdates.  It was really becoming too much on me to attend playdates 4-6 days per week. It really starts to take a toll on your after a while. I always felt obligated to attend daily playdates, and stuff do because of I doi not host playdates they don't tak place in general.  However now I ahve a few ladies in my group who are making extra efforts to be amazing Moms and playdate hosts. I really appreciate that too. It makes things so nice for the group and its members and children to have such fun playdates!  I have been burnt out on the playgroup but I have been attending playdate after playdate after playdate for 3 years

I plan to begin attending both our home preschool group events (within the playgroup) as well as 1 playdate each week starting in October.

Anyways here are some fun pics!! I plan to update this blog more often too!!  stay tuned!!

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