Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Glow in the dark fun with Playdough and letter cards!

I had to stop by Walgreen's today and found that they had glow in the dark alphabet and numbers. They are like a post it note but in the shapes of letters and numbers. They came with a glue stick as well.  So I made a poster board of the alphabet and a poster board of the numbers....only 1-10 though.  I also made Name Flashcards.  I cut each letter of their name out after pasting them onto a poster board and they came out really nice! The Name Flashcards will make learning their names so much fun in the light, black light, or on a light panel.

I decided we should test them out with the black light as well as some playdough!!  FUN!  Some of the pics came out blurred but I do not have a big fancy shmancy camera, just a Canon Powershot SX210. NO matter what I did , it blurred a few of them that looked so cool through the lens.  

P.S. There are more black light fun pics here!


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