Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Garage Door Rides

Today the girls did not take a nap so I thought we would take a walk to a neighbors house. I opened the door to the garage, pushed the button to the garage door and walked back into the kitchen to get something. The girls went into the garage when I opened the door cause they knew we were going to leave. We leave through the garage every. single. day.

As I was headed back toward the garage I heard Avery crying and Emerson calling to me to come. As I walked into the garage I saw Emerson first. She was standing just outside the garage looking up at the garage door (that was all the way up!). I followed her line of vision to see Avery hanging from the garage door crying. My first thought was "what the heck do I do?" I thought about pushing the button to get the door down again, and dismissed that as dumb cause the minute the door started moving she would most likely fall to the concrete below. Then I realized, "HEY! I can reach her!" Then I thought, "should I grab the camera?" I realized that if she fell while I was getting the camera I would feel like the WORST mommy ever. So I ran over and plucked her off the ceiling.

She grabbed me and cried and showed me her hands. They looked fine, but hurt from holding her entire body weight in the air via a piece of metal.

The minute she was safe I started laughing. I couldn't help it. I tried to joke with her about it, but she did not think it was funny. I was calling her spider-kid. She was less then amused. So I apologized and told her I was sorry she had such a scary thing happen to her, and I was glad she was ok. It must have been pretty scary for her cause she usually can see the humor in anything. Lets see if she can laugh about it tomorrow!

You know I always knew garage doors were dangerous coming down, but never thought I needed to warn the girls about them going up...


  1. OH MY WORD, how scary (and a teeny bit funny). I was half-hoping for a picture. Eeek! I guess that's what blogging does to us!

  2. Oh my goodness! How funny and scary! I would've thought the exact same thing about a camera and then worrying about her possibly falling.

  3. This is both frightening and funny - a great combination:)

    I'm your newest follower, and I saw your link on the Tag Back Tuesday blog hop!


  4. So glad she was fine. I did find it a bit funny that you thought about getting the camera though: what a dilemma!

    Popping by to visit you via Tag Back Tuesday, I'm following ... :0)

    Shirl x