Monday, March 14, 2011

3 = talk talk talk talk talk

So the theme with Graham and Parker lately is talking. They have really taken off with full sentences. Sometimes I am wondering how they come up with some of what they say.

They will be 3 in April. I am happy they are pretty much on track with most things. I have always been a bit worried because they were born 8 weeks early. Parker is still really small but the pediatrician says he is fine.
Graham is pretty much the size of the average almost 3 year old.

We spend a lot of time with our playgroup. I think it helps a lot.

We have been working on pronouncing words correctly, colors, shapes, counting, songs, signing, all the good stuff. We spend time at the Zoo and Science Center regularly. We also spend lots of time going to the park and other great places like library storytime & craft (on a break from storytime right now though). It is tough to fit in all of the cool places we go to!!

They are doing well socializing and learning. They enjoy seeing their friends. We also are in a weekly home preschool group. They know their friends by name and talk about them when we are at home. They like to talk about the places we go. They ask to go to the places they like best like The Zoo, The Science Center, Certain Parks, they ask to see certain friends or if certain friends will be meeting them for a playdate that day. It's cute!  Graham is still more academically advanced. Parker is still athletically advanced. Parker's latest thing is doing head stands and then multiple somersaults in a row. He LOVES the head stands. He sort of does hand stands too. He loves to hang upside down at the park. They still enjoy Gymboree too!!  They ask about Gymboree on the days we are not going to our class. They love it!!  Graham is still really into reading books. He looks at books a lot all day still. He likes to talk out loud while going through his books. He also likes me to read to him...or any family member.

For our home preschool class we work on learning through play. It has been tough to really get things going the right way but it seems we are on a great path now. I think we finally have a way to get all of the kids interacting involved, and enjoying!  I will try and take some pics of our home preschooling soon.

Still working on all of the details of their 3rd birthday party. Should be lots of fun!!


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