Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Fun at the Zoo

We had a great time with our Playgroup and some Twin friends at the Central Florida Zoo. I really enjoyed seeing how much they are enjoying it now that they are nearly three. They loved it last year too but wow they love it so much more now!! We took our choo choo wagon, which also made the trip more enjoyable for them!  I found this crazy statue while we where there. I was able to record two videos of Graham and Parker while at the zoo. We kept getting rained out and had to seek shelter within the zoo, but in all it was a great morning at the zoo!

Video 1  &   Video 2

crazy statue

not warm enough for the splash pad today

yikes! Alligator!

big Iguana!

enjoying some books with friend, Dylan

Parker loves my friend, Tera

goats are so silly

Graham wanted to pull the choo choo

gobble gobble

Parker had a screaming/gobb;ing match with the Turkey

Me and my friend Tera  accidentally dressed the kids all alike LOL


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