Tuesday, February 22, 2011

How do you entertain baby and toddler Twins?

I had so many people ask me how I was going to keep my Twins entertained once they were able to roll and crawl around. I pondered that thought many times. The solution actually came to me through the evolution of my Twins toy collection. It is hard not to find cool baby and toddler toys. The possibilities are endless. Hundreds of companies all over the world make hundreds of really cool toys. What's not to love about all that cuteness? I ended up getting some superyard and realized that the standard 6 panels it came with were just not creating nearly enough room for my Twins to play within. So I bought the 2 panel extension. I thought that would do the trick but I felt like that was a big joke. So I bought another 6 panels. It was nice for about 5 minutes. I was always buying toys, holidays and birthdays would go by, etc. When you have Twins you end up buying twice the stuff in most cases. When your Twins have a birthday, you don't just buy one of them a toy.  You buy them each a few things.  If your singleton child has a birthday you don't buy them half of a toy, so why would you not treat both of your Twins as equals and buy them say 5 toys each for their birthday for example. So then you have 10 new toys in the house. If you love buying them cute new toys and use your extra spending money on buying more toys for your Twins, then you end up with 2 more toys here and two more toys there.... etc. Same goes for buying outdoor toys for birthdays, holidays, or just for no occasion at all. Well pretty soon you might end up with a whole lot of toys.  I kept having to buy more superyard to accomodate the toys.  I started out wanting to keep my premature Twins in a safe semi-sterile environment. I have older kids and pets. I wanted to make sure the pets did not go near my Twins or their toys. I also wanted to make sure my Twins never somehow got hold of some random thing my older kids left laying around or dropped. You would be amazed at how many small items that older kids have in their pockets and backpacks. Candy, eraser caps for pencils, pencils, stickers, legos, silly bands bracelets, bits of paper that came out of their homework folder and fell on to the floor, a gummy bear that fell out of their hand, . there is an endless list.  Now we all, including my older kids to keep an eye out for anything they might have accidentally left in reach of the Twins, but all it takes is a second for a child to choke.. Imagine if suddenly your 11 year old walks by and a gummy bear falls from their hand or pocket.  You are changing one Twins diaper as the other one crawls around on the living room floor right near you.....suddenly you notice they are choking...... I never wanted to be left in that sort of scenario.  I wanted us to be able to keep the Twins safe, happy, entertained, etc. Plus I wanted to be able to go pee in peace.  How could i trust that my Twins were not doing something to put themselves in harms way if I was in the bathroom for 3 minutes? You can babyproof  your entire house until you are all babyproofed out and still something could happen.  The superyard and the toys together allowed me to create a Twin play area that was fun, safe, comfy, and could accommodate us to go in there and play with them as well as go to the kitchen to make lunch or have a quick pee break in the bathroom. .  I swear by the superyard. It is the only way to stay sane, keep your Twins safe from harms way and common accidents in the home as well as keep the toys all in one neat spot. Ours became pretty large and eventually took over the whole entire living room. We just don't have an extra room for a play room though. Plus it works out better for us to have their play area in the living room. Anyhow without further ado...these are random out of chronological order photos that show my Twins indoor play area. These days the superyard is outside serving a new purpose and doorway gates are in place. They have the living room and dining room to get crazy and have a blast with their toys. I just always enlarged the play area as they grew. I also added and changed around the toys a lot too. 


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