Wednesday, February 9, 2011

All you need is love my Dinosaur Valentine

When I got Graham and Parker dressed this morning, Graham looked down at his Tee Shirt, examined it for a minute and then said "Dinosaurs!".  I almost corrected him but, then I thought for a moment and he is kind of right. The Beatles are kind of Dinosaurs in a way.  :)

Their shirts say "All you need is love".  

 Today we had a Valentines Day Party with our Playgroup!

Some of the Moms made Valentine Boxes,. 
we all handed out Valentines to the little ones. It was really cute!

Some of the sweets that we had at the party, Graham was really enjoying them!
Parker did too b ut he was more interested in playing!

Parker wanted to sit in Lori's lap. SO I put Graham in her lap too in order to get a good pic of their Valentines Day Tee Shirts. This is about as good as it gets sometimes when taking pics of your Twins (or more). Sometimes a cute look or a quirky smirk make the best pic. 

All the kids had fun with blocks, slides, balloons, ride-ons, and coloring!

Group Pic, we actually only had 13 Moms show up today, it seems many are sick and on vacation.

Sometimes they put themselves into the stroller just to take a break.


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