Thursday, February 10, 2011

Escalator Issues

Thought I would take them to the mall play area to burn off some energy cause it is rainy and yucky out. I usually park in the parking garage of Nordstroms', but on the lower level. The lower level is where the play area is. Today the lower level of the garage was packed (probably due to the rain...) I parked on the 2nd level.

When we got into Nordstroms we came face to face with the escalators. The girls and I have managed escalators before so I asked them if they wanted to take them down. They both said yes. Avery stepped on before I could think. So then Emerson and I are both at the top watching Avery go. I kind of panicked thinking I did not want Avery to be alone at the bottom. I hop on and and Emerson does not hop on with me. Now I'm headed down and Emerson is stuck at the top. She starts crying. I turn around and try to run up the escalator that is headed down. I can't do it. I had to have looked like a cartoon character getting no where. This very nice lady with a toddler and a stroller asks me if she can help Emerson on. I say, "YES, please!!! thank YOU!!!" Emerson immediate jumps away from the lady like she is the devil. The only option I had was to ride down, then ride up and retrieve Emerson all with Avery in tow as well. It was rather amusing. Thankfully this set of escalators were side by side. SO GLAD I cannot even imagine having to run to the other side of the store to catch the up one and then running to the down one again.

Needless to say We all took the elevator once I had Emerson. The nice lady that had offered to help stood there with Emerson while I made my way back to her. Apparently it was a memorable experience for others as well. About an hour and a half later we were headed through Nordstroms and this guy commented that Emerson wants nothing to do with the escalator now!

To add insult to injury as we past through the lingerie section Emerson ran up to the most slutty, loud nighty and yelled, "I like this ONE!!!" Praying her tastes change before puberty.

Mama to Emerson and Avery


  1. Omg, that really is a funny story. I'm sure it wasn't funny at the time. I would have panicked!

  2. Hehehe oh dear I would have freaked :p