Monday, May 3, 2010

Why I am against GOMOTT..the full story.

I had my twins in April of 2008, 8 weeks early. They spent 28 and 30 days in the NICU at Winnie Palmer Hospital. When they came home, I debated if I should join GOMOTT or not.

GOMOTT is the local Twins and Triplets Club for Greater Orlando.

I thought I would give it a try. So, I joined as a prospective member (unpaid not full member) in 2008, at the time current president of GOMOTT was in her last weeks of being GOMOTT president and sent out all these desperate messages looking for help on the board. I did not know she was on her way out. I was just told she was the president. She said GOMOTT was in desperate need of board members. I saw a few of those messages come through and then eventually responded to one and agreed to take a board position as social co-chair. She put me in immediately to their GOMOTT meetup group as an organizer and also listed me on the GOMOTT official website on their board of directors page as social co-chair. Keep in mind that the president was fully aware that I was, at the time a prospective, unpaid, new member and mom of 3 month old twins. They were barely sprung from the NICU and I was still greatly lacking sleep and fresh at being a mom of twins. I came to learn later that the president screwed up and not only was not even allowed to put me on their board of directors but did not even tell anyone about me or that she put me on the board for social co-chair.

I kept then getting emails to GET PLAYDATES AND EVENT PLANNED ASAP! I got a deadline notice and so I sacrificed 3 hours of sleep one night and researched my butt off to put the best playdates up for each and every "read group" of GOMOTT as well as some big events they asked for. I started immediately seeing YES RSVP's to the events. I had the calendar active and busy where each read group had an event once a week.. and the next morning I came in to the site and saw I was removed as an assistant organizer of the GOMOTT meetup group and they had wiped out the calendar and my 3 hours of work to a blank slate.

I kept my cool and a few hours later sent out some emails asking what happened, what I did wrong, and why they did that to me.

I received snappy, uncaring, responses back and then was finally told they had no idea who the heck I was and how I got on the board and the meetup and had to make an executive decision to eliminate anything I added and ME.

I was STEAMED. I was hurt. I was disappointed

No sorries, no fixing anything just got the big hard boot and an oh well, so sorry from them.
So I told them off and asked to be removed from the group.
I decided to start a group for moms in my area, including moms of multiples. I found some moms of multiples on and invited them. Apparently this made GOMOTT members angry.

Then a few months later someone from GOMOTT tried to convince me to rejoin. So after some though I did and then I saw messages on their message board to the GOMOTT meetup group saying they had no idea where to plan playdates too and really wanted ideas.
I gave them ideas and said if they wanted to add places I would be with my twins I was cool with that too. i was given 2 people to contact to have stuff added.. I contacted them and they added playdates to their calendar.. then the next morning a lady named Shannon contacted me and I did not even know who she was, She sent me this mile long email telling me what a disgusting terrible piece of crap of a mother and human being I am and how could I be so vile and evil to be a computer hacker and hack my way into being a member and then adding and changing stuff on their calendar and that I should be fully ashamed of myself for doing such terrible things. I was also now removed/banned from the GOMOTT meetup group.
I thought it was a joke but this Shannon was QUITE serious.
So I emailed some people asking why I would be accused of such a crazy thing and what the heck happened to make them accuse me.
No responses. nothing... then a bunch of "I don't know's" and "well did you's".

I was shocked, I was mad. I gave up.
Then in early 2010 another GOMOTT mom I met convinced me to give it one last try. I filled out a membership form, wrote out a check, mailed it in and then I waited......and waited......and waited........ and almost a month later I got a call saying I had to come before the board to be GRILLED under their new laws and to prove myself to not have ill intentions towards GOMOTT. They wanted to ask me a series of questions during a routine board meeting and then would let me know if I was accepted to the group within a month. They said there were NEW accusations as well as the old accusation of the hacking.. they said I had done something on craigslist against GOMOTT but would not tell me what I did. Apparently whatever it was it was an awful thing according to them.

I hope things change with GOMOTT for the sake of the decent moms in the group but the way the group is now, is scary.

I told them they were NUTS and I was not going to prove myself to them because I never did anything wrong but get fed up over being wronged by them and tell off a couple of people who wronged me.

I told them to stuff it and to mail me back my check.
From that moment on...I made my own executive decision to BOYCOTT GOMOTT as well as their Twins and their Triplets Club Garage Sale.
...and that is why I hate GOMOTT.
99% of the GOMOTT members I have met apparently believe the accusations and are against me as well.
I can only assume that GOMOTT invented the stories of hacking and bashing on craigslist, and whatever else because of the incident where they screwed me over and I got mad about it..


  1. So glad I never joined!! What a bunch of balls!! You rock!! They dont deserve you!!

  2. Jackie Rampergas here British newborn night specialist. I tried many occasions to get in contact with them to place a ads in their newsletter they never got back to me lol.