Thursday, July 30, 2009

You really should sit

Parker does not like to sit in the high chair to eat most of the time. It gets really annoying. He can get out of the straps and stand up, no matter how well he is strapped in. He thinks it is really funny and proceeds to do this mini jump up and down thing after he gets out of the straps and stands.

We have the Fisher Price rain forest high chairs. Graham does great in the high chair, however he is the patient one. This kid has the patience of a saint. Seriously.

Parker, on the other hand is really not very patient. He is also more energetic in the sense of he will not sit during meals.

Graham sits there, finishes eating and then gives me "the look" when he is all done and ready to get down.

A few times I have put the food on the high chair and stood there with Parker as he takes a handful of food and shoves it in his mouth and then proceeds to pop up and down like a Mexican jumping bean in the high chair.

This kid has the energy of a marathon runner.
I also sometimes will just let him roam around the living room and grab some food when he wants. He seems to forget that it is there though.. so I have to chase him down with the food and then try to hand feed him like he is a little birdie.

We keep the high chairs in our living room because it is more comfortable for us to sit there with them while they eat. It was way more comfortable when we had to feed them jar food.

We have no distractions during meals, no music, no TV. nothing.

I don't know how to get him to just chill out to eat. He is almost too active. He is the comedian of the two as well.

Graham is very active too, he is just really patient and he enjoys being in the high chair and eating his meals at a normal pace.


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