Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Well, it's time for crib tents


We have some climbing issues that are getitng to be pretty scary. Today we had to drop 160 dollars on crib tents. ugh! I called all over town and visited a multitude of websites. They are pricey and somewhat hard to find. However we have some serious risk takers/climbers.... so there was no choice.

oh boy.. and boy.

We bought them from One Step Ahead. I do shop there a LOT but I did not like their price on this item

Did you know that their twin discount is less than the monthly discounts they offer that you can find on retailmenot.com OH and you can not put that discount together with the monthly discount.

I would love to find some company that sells everything we need..twin wise.. and offer great discounts..according to how many you buy. We buy a LOT of stuff and it is alwyas TWO of each item. Clothes, baby gear, sometimes toys, a lot of things.

I hate that baby food and formula companies do not offer a whole lot of a discount for their baby foods and formula. We bought our weight and more in earths best and similac. Now we have them on go to grow.. also similac and they do not offer samples or discounts of that ANYWHERE!!!

CHA CHING $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

No, we do not use WIC.. so imagine how much we spent for 14 months of Alimentum and Isomil..not to mention the baby juice, earths best baby food, and the milion containers of baby snacks.

Can we say discount! *This is me...dreaming of more coupons and better discounts*

*Note the child in the photo looks like she is saying.. HAHA you can't keep me in here*

WISH US LUCK! They will arrive by mail on Friday..



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