Sunday, April 17, 2011

3rd Birthday

Graham and Parker will be 3 on April 21st. Their birthday party was yesterday. The cake was an issue though.
I arrived at Publix at 9 am.  The cake was supposed to be ready. hmm, well they had a cake ready. The problem is. it was the wrong cake.  I was sp upset that all I saw was the red,  brown and the gray.

 I had a mild panic attack that that point.

I saw no animals.  I saw no lush green grass and flower patches.  I only saw the the drab looking cake for a second.

This is what the cake looked like that they tried to give me..............
It is not that bad but to me it looks liked hell.  However this is the Publix version.
The decorator's version of this cake was way darker, way more drab and depressing, and it looked like a sad and depressing birthday cake.

 This is the cake I ordered........we did not get this exact version of the cake but the version we did get was decent.  See photo at the top of this post for the cake we received.
I had to spend an hour at the grocery store waiting for the replacement cake. The party did go well. Graham and Parker had a fantastic time too.  That is all that counts. I just hope Publix never messes up our cake order again. Not to be rude but the decorater they used needs to go take more decorating lessons. She is starting off with too dark of colors for one. The cake she tried to give me with the volcanoes and wrecked was so very dark and depressing looking. It was not for some depressing biurthday. It was for a Happy Birthday!!  Happy means bright colors to little kids.  I like to give bright colored things to little kids.
It makes them, well....happy!


We started the party off with an Easter Egg Hunt!! Instead of giving all of the children a goofy bag at the end of the party. They all recieved a plastic easter basket/pail and got to go on an egg hunt. They kept the pail and whatever eggs they collected...and the prizes inside!! They LOVED it!!

Here are a few shots of them opening some of their awesome presents!! They loved everything!!!
I gave them a few of mine early and they have one big one for their actual Birthday on the 21st!! Yay!!!

Happy Birthday Guys!!  Love You!!!

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  1. my youngest is turning one on the 1st! I cant believe they gave you that they tried to give you that horribly ugly cake! I ordered baby cakes for my sons b day from safeway. i ordered 2 cuz my son and nephew are celebrating their bday on the dame day as they are only 3 days apart! Safeway was great! They let me customize a special cake for the boys. I went with a sesame street theme as that is their bday theme! They should turn out adorable! I always thought twins bdays would be fun..if i had a girl and a boy i would do a theme like mr and mrs potato head or mickey and minnie! It would be so much fun having twin girls! I dont say twin boys because I already have three boys!