Thursday, December 23, 2010

Girl, exposed.

I was contacted recently by a fellow blogger friend, Kristi. She is an awesome twin Mom with beautiful twin girls. Well, Kristi was contacted recently by a random girl living in London. The girl was sending her a warning message, her photos had been stolen by This girl, The girl from London had suspected some belly shot photos were fake. So she googled the alleged names of the daughters to be that this girl had claimed to be pregnant with; Alex Christine & Avery Celeste.

When the girl from London googled the names, she found Kristi's Blog. So that is when she contacted Kristi. Like any Mom would be, Kristi was pretty alarmed when she was told of the girl from London's findings. A 16 year old CT. highschool Student who calls herself Kayla Nichole has been faking a Twin pregnancy and using a lot of Kristi's photos to accomplish such a feat.

Kristi had contacted me to ask for help, she asked me to add Kayla Nichole as a friend on facebook and examine her photos, comparing them to her own that were clearly posted to her blog over 1 year ago.

I added Kayla Nichole as a friend.

Shockingly, the girl from London who had contacted Kristi with the alarming news was absolutely correct. Kayla Nichole had been indeed stealing Kristi's Twin daughters' photos, nursery photos, ultrasounds, & even bathroom photos.

I had to break the unfortunate news to Kristi, which I hated doing.

I then took screen shots as evidence, lots of them. Then I blocked her and reported her to facebook abuse.

However, before I blocked her I did a little bit of research and found out that this girl has a blog on tumblr.

She has her tumblr account linked right there in plain view on her facebook profile.
Nice work, nimrod. :)

On her FB friends list, nearly everyone on it goes to the highschool she goes to or the one nearby. She has managed to fool a lot of people though. She has an army of Mothers on her facebook friends list as well as some local Mothers in my area, one of which is a local children and baby photographer.

This girl claims to be a photographer and has networked with other children and baby photographers around the country.

It gets worse....

She claims to have another child who was born in spring of 2009. I have no idea if that child is hers or who the child belongs to but I viewed an entire album on her facebook that has 25 or so NICU pics of this alleged daughter. I then found an album of recent photos. There was really no evidence to say whether or not that child is hers though.

I have handed as much info as I could find to Kristi. She plans to call the girls' highschool and local police dept. 1st thing in the morning.
For your viewing DIS-pleasure, here is the hard and unfortunate evidence.

This is sad, sad and scary, and sick.

Click the "Exhibit" to view.

Exhibit A:  Kristi's Baby Shower blog post from 1/8/09. The post shows a slide show of her photos which include her twin girls nursery and their bathroom. You can click the slideshow and be taken to her photobucket album to view the pictures. They are identical to Kayla Nichole's nursery and bathroom photos. Clearly Kayla Nichole, the 16 year old girl from CT. removed these photos from Kristi's blog and is currently using them as her own. She is even receiving compliments on the photos. YIKES!

Exhibit B: Kristi's Ultrasound photo post from 12/ 19/08. The post shows Kristi's Ultrasound photos from back in 2008. They are identical to Kayla Nichole's alleged Ultrasound photos from this year. AGAIN.... Clearly Kayla Nichole, the 16 year old girl from CT. removed these photos from Kristi's blog and is currently using them as her own. She is even receiving compliments on these photos too. DOUBLE YIKES!

Exhibit C:  The screen shots I took from Kayla Nichole's facebook photo gallery.
I uploaded them to photobucket and made them into clickable thumbnails. Click on them to compare them to Kristi's blog photos. (click on read more to view them)
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