Sunday, August 2, 2009


We took the boys into the pool today. They really enjoyed it. I am really happy with the baby floats that we bought. They have not been a disappointment in any way! We live in Orlando and I love a great baby product with shade! They had such a great time that they are both still napping! Mackenna is still at her friend's house. She goes EVERY weekend. Geesh! I don't mind though because she has such an amazing great time with her friend. The parents of her friend are wonderful people with great values as well. So I don't have to worry. She goes to church with them on Sundays as well. They have a great time playing together. Mackenna's friend is an only child and since Mackenna has no girls her age here in our works out nicely. That way they do things 9 yr old girls should do. Play barbies, dress-up, act out their favorite tv shows etc etc. ya know..girl stuff.


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